I remember the first time I got to throw clay on a pottery wheel my senior year of high school.  I loved it then.  I didn’t find my way back to for 20 years though.  I spent those 20 years building a marriage and family.  I have 3 beautiful daughters that have grown enough that they don’t consume all of my time and energy.  I now have time to pursue some of the things I love.

We live in Rochester, MN on top of a hill with no houses in sight.  On our little homestead we have chickens, a large vegetable garden, and plenty of room for my children to run.  I love trying new things and we successfully raised 3 pigs for meat last year and have thoughts of trying goats next spring.

Pottery is one of the adventures going on in my life that I’m pretty excited about.  I hope you find something to inspire you on my page!